TOTUDESIGN CACW-057 Minimal Series 15W 2 in 1 Height Adjustable Magnetic Wireless Charger

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1. Material: PC+silica gel+2.5D glass+stainless steel
2. Input: 5V-3A, 9/12V-2A
3. Wireless charging 1 output: 15W (max)
4. Wireless charging 2 output: 5W (max)
5. The height can be adjusted freely at 45 degrees, the mobile phone can be rotated 360 degrees, ergonomic design, multi-angle viewing, the experience is more comfortable
6. The front 2.5D glass panel, built-in 5W wireless charging, can be adapted to the low-power wireless charging and power supply requirements of the headset
7. Black technology RGB, 4 colors light up when power on, top charging bright green, front charging bright blue, top + front charging bright purple at the same time, the function is panoramic, simple and generous
8. Free leather magnetizing sheet, which can be used with other wireless charging mobile phones, the sticky type is simple and generous

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