A06 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging RGB Atmosphere Light with Clock For Smart Phone & iWatch & AirPods(Black)

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1. Wireless charging, no damage to the machine at high speed
2. Charge 3 devices at the same time to make the desktop more tidy
3. Digital display clock, clear at a glance
4. RGB multi-color, warm light atmosphere light
5. 30W max output, charging speed up to 80%
6. Multi-angle adjustment, foldable and stowed
7. Intelligent control output, but the charging is not hot
8. Input protocol: QC\PD (support dual protocol input)
9. Input parameters: 9V 12V-2A
10. Output power: 30W (wireless charging: 15W, base headset: 5W, watch: 5W, USB: 10W)
11. Support standard: qi standard
12. Lighting effect: RGB multi-color lighting
13. Built-in clock button battery: 230mAh (standby for 1-2 years)
14. Product size: 228 x 142 x 27.8mm
15. Weight: 420g

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